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What are shanties? Shanties are the working songs of the sea. Sailing ships needed lots of men to hoist and trim the sails. They had to work in unison, and they had to put their backs into it, this was helped by getting them to sing in time to the hauling.

In truth, few of the shanties that have been passed down were actually working songs. But what the heck, they still serve the purpose of getting people to sing together and that is our aim. We share the joy of singing together, and we aim to keep the songs alive.

What songs do we sing? We have a full range of songs associated with the sea – many of them well-know, some of them less so, some of them unique to us. They all have choruses that you can join in with – we even provide the words if you want them.

What events are suitable for shanties? Any event where people are gathered to have a good time. We sing at parties, charity and fund-raising events, beer festivals, training/team building sessions, shanty festivals. So, whatever your event, we can make it go with a bang.

What do we charge? We charge modest fees, but it depends on where you are and what you have in mind. Each gig is tailored to the particular event, so contact us, tell us what you want, and we’ll come up with a quote. Note: a proportion of our fee goes to the Wet Wheels charity

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